Amatsigroup and Eurofins: another example of Xperts Council’s skills

BUSINESS CASE: Amatsigroup acquired by Eurofins, an other example of Xperts Council’s expertise

Eurofins announced on the 10th of July their purchase of Amatsigroup. The latter is one of the world’s leading Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations.

Eurofins and Ekkio Capital, the former Amatsigroup majority shareholders, signed an exclusive agreement. The purchase should be completed in the next few months. This acquisition could reach 130 million euros. Xperts Council has been once again involved in this purchase, providing experts for the several funds interested.

Amatsigroup: an external growth with strong results

Born in 2010 out of the merger of Avogadro, Amatsi, DBI and Avepharm, Amatsigroup specializes in the testing and development of drugs. They recently developed massively thanks to the externalization of research from pharmaceutical groups. It has also known a strong external growth, purchasing small competitors, and counts now 450 employees in France, Belgium and in the United States. Its turnover has also impressively increased and is forecasted to reach €60 millions in 2017.
This purchase will help the group expand abroad, according to Alain Sansot, the CEO of Amatsigroup. Indeed, Eurofins owns 310 laboratories worldwide, producing a revenue of €2.54 billion and an EBITDA of €461 million in 2016.
However, the buying-out of Amatsigroup is just another step to Eurofins. The company purchased 27 companies in 2016 only, and aims at reaching €4 billion turnover by 2020.

Xperts Council’s contribution

This acquisition is the outcome of a long preliminary research made by several funds and consulting firms with the support of Xperts Council.
Indeed, since the end of 2016, investment funds and consulting firms have called upon us to provide them with information on the pharmaceutical industry, and more precisely on the CDO and CMO markets for their due diligence.
Most of our clients were particularly keen in understanding local regulations, the consequences on the set up of laboratories, the value chain or the market segmentation.

But other important questions asked were: What factors can explain the amazing growth of Amatsi ? How does the supply chain work for a CDMO and what are the disruptive technologies for a CRO (Contract Research Organization) ?

How we helped

Our consultants quickly gathered a wide team of experts able to answer our clients’ questions. Most of them were former managers of the targeted company, or senior managers from competitors, which satisfied our clients.

As a result, we provided global and valuable knowledge on this fast growing niche market, as well as precise and decisive intelligence on the targeted company. Therefore, Xperts Council delivered all the insights required and met all its clients’ expectations.

Amatsigroup and Eurofins: another example of Xperts Council’s skills