Client testimonial : Marc De Thomasson - Victanis

Client testimonial : Marc De Thomasson - Victanis

Victanis is a pan-European commercial and strategy advisory firm with a presence in Munich, London, Paris, and Brussels. Victanis focuses on selected markets including TIC (Testing, Inspection, and Certification), Engineering, Aerospace, Defence, and Security.


Throughout the years, the company has supported corporates and investors with the development and execution of their international growth strategy.

"Xperts Council has been remarkably responsive to Victanis needs. Lately, we solicited XC in order to get insights into the Vehicle Testing industry. In a timely manner, we were provided with 6 experts. We were satisfied by the quality of the experts provided as we were able to get the decisive insights of a Principal Engineer/Product Development, and an Electronics Test Engineer at big automotive companies, a Managing Director and a former Senior Business Development Manager at leading vehicle testing companies.

Our positive experience with Xperts Council will see us deepening our partnership with XC in the future, as we are looking forward to working with them on several other projects and to leveraging their responsiveness, precision, and business acumen.”

Testimonial : Dominique Senequier – President of Ardian

Xperts Council had the pleasure of hearing from Dominique Senequier – President of Ardian, a world-leading private investment house with assets of US$71bn managed or advised in Europe, Americas and Asia. Today, Dominique Senequier outlines to us how experts play an important role in their work:

« Xperts Council’s network is made up of dynamic and solutions-oriented individuals. They have successfully made their mark in the highly-competitive ‘experts network’ market by focusing strongly on their clients’ needs and on providing a high quality of service.

Xperts Council is regularly solicited by Ardian; we are extremely satisfied with the level of service delivered and the quality of experts provided

They have demonstrated innovative and out-of-the-box thinking in their search for the best experts to accompany us on our numerous and diverse projects «