We present you qualified
experts, immediately
available to your case




Your request is thoroughly assessed to better define its scope and its priorities, and avoid any conflict of interest. Together, we qualify the questions we will ask the experts in order to ensure their relevance.



For each project, we perform a 100% customized research. Through our research method, we would find qualified professionals and pre-screen them for your particular request.



Within 48 hours, we select experts based on a detailed review of their work experiences and we rapidly send you a shortlist of the best profiles. At this stage, our Clients are not committed to consult the Experts



We connect you directly to the Experts you selected in order to discuss the industry trends you are interested in. Afterwards, we collect your feedback.

Business cases – experts search

Project Cards market

Our client assigned us a project on Smart Cards on a Monday evening. He wanted to be connected as soon as possible with Experts having a deep operational knowledge (Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Procurement) of NFC (Near Field Communication). We immediately contacted one of our sponsors – a former CEO of the leading Smart Cards company on the market.48 hours later, our Client scheduled three interviews with high level industry Experts, and was able to have an extensive and productive discussion with an award-winning Expert (the European Inventor of the Year, Industry category) in 2015, for a series of fundamental patents in the global deployment of NFC technology.

Project Oil-drilling equipment

October 4th, D-day. We received an urgent call from one of our regular Clients. He needed to interview a user of very specific drilling equipment installed on offshore oil platforms, for a feedback survey. It was a major challenge: this equipment is particularly rare, and we had only 48 hours to find the “rare bird”. Then began a race against the clock around the world, from Angola, then via Alaska, and the Gulf of Mexico. Eventually, we found the right Expert in the Caspian Sea. He initially agreed to be consulted but then seemed to be worried about the consultation process since he was not familiar with it, but we found a way to provide the Expert with the re-assurance needed: we barely had six hours left, and we were absolutely convinced that this Expert would be the best for this project. In line with our procedures, we did a lot of brainstorming and came up with the idea of getting in touch with a former Navy Seal, well-known by one of our Partners. We knew that some Navy Seals who left the Army worked in oil rigs security. The connection got quickly established, and fortunately, the former officer had no objection having a direct discussion with our Expert’s hierarchy to provide re-assurance regarding Xperts Council’s integrity, and the compliance frame of consultations facilitated by us. Mission accomplished! We successfully managed to deliver in such a niche segment.


Gold refining in the Americas

Pre-filled syringes for autoimmune diseases

Press distribution in Europe

Real-time bidding and advertising (on-line)

Furniture in Turkey, Cosmetics in India, Foie Gras in France, Uranium mines decontamination in Africa…