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Founded in December 2013, Xperts Council has quickly become a key player in B to B knowledge sharing. The company quickly developed a broad portfolio of customers (investment funds, strategy consulting firms, larges companies…) in France and abroad. The services offered by Xperts Council are strategic to its clients, by providing them with quick insights in various industries before taking key investment decisions.

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In France, the United Kingdom, and in its soon-to-be-opened subsidiaries, Xperts Council always strives for high-potential individuals supporting its growth and becoming the managers of tomorrow. Your individual development will be one of the key priorities of our company executives. You will receive:

• Customized training and support

• Proximity coaching from experienced executives

Both employees and trainees will be constantly involved in the operations of this fast developing company.

Do you fit Xperts Council?

At Xperts Council, you will lead projects independently, while interacting with Partners, Clients and high-level Experts. Empathy, analytical skills, creativity and resilience, along with strong personal organization and intellectual curiosity represent key assets for your success.