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Xperts Council wins the "Solutions for Growth" MEDEF / BusinessFrance Grand Prix 2021 Entreprises

The summer of 2021 is off to a great start for Xperts Council. The team here is immensely proud to have won the “Solutions for Growth” MEDEF / BusinessFrance Grand Prix 2021 Enterprises, which includes some of the most dynamic French companies.

The V.I.E (Volontariat International en Entreprise) plan allows all young  French or European citizens to work for a French company abroad. The V.I.E plan, which has benefited over 100,000 young people since its inception, is today recognized as a unique and effective HR solution for international business development and a career accelerator for young professionals.

Left to Right: Philippe Gautier (Director General of MEDEF International), Marie-Albane Prieur (Directrice adjointe developpement export BpiFrance), Guillaume Fradet (CEO Xperts Council) and Frederic Ferrer (Journalist)

International trade has been interrupted by the health crisis. Nevertheless, as Guillaume Fradet, CEO Xperts Council says,

“Xperts Council broke all the records with +90% growth in business, thanks to the determination of our teams based in Porto, London and Bengaluru. The VIE program has clearly been the dominant driver for our international expansion which has resulted in a securing over 50% of our business from abroad. I would like to take this opportunity to thank not only VIE but our entire international team that has a mix of 7 nationalities. Winning the Grand Prix V.I.E “Solutions for Growth” is a testament to our diverse team’s strong mentality and resilience."

Alain rochette experts network

Insightful Expert Call - 4 Tips


Getting the gist of your interviews with experts can really help you gather all the practical and in-depth information for your project. 

This is why Xperts Council put together a training program on how to conduct a truly insightful call. After two hours of role-plays and various exercices, you will be able to develop all the cross-curricular skills to make effective briefs and improve the quality of your exchanges with each expert. 

Those who attended this session loved it, why not try it? To better understand this training that we organize, here are Four Tips

Preparation before a meeting is essential and will allow you to make the most of your time. Don't forget to take care of preliminaries and to set your objectives. Do not hesitate to share them with your expert at the beginning of your call.

Show an Open Attitude
"Communication by phone is 80% attitude, 20% words."
During the interview, make sure you transmit your interest and engagement, don’t forget, you can hear a smile on a phone! These efforts will be perceived by the expert, creating motivation and mutual involvement in the discussion.

Choose between Open and Closed questions
Closed questions will allow you to get confirmations especially about the expert's opinion whereas open questions will provide you with more information, potentially opening the discussion. Do not hesitate to juggle with both styles, as they will give you a broader variety of information.

You need to reformulate not to confront
If you meet any objections from your expert, keep an open attitude and take it as a good opportunity to bounce back! Reformulate what has been said and ask for clarifications, this will help simplify your understanding of the discussion, and thus get more information on the topic.


Alain Rochette

Head of Knowledge at Xperts Council

A New Chief Operations Officer at XC

We are happy to announce the nomination of Ruby Carver as Xperts Council’s Chief Operations Officer.
Ruby will be in charge of our team of consultants managing our hand picked expert searches across all sectors and geographies.
Former Team Leader at Third Bridge, she has a strong knowledge of our industry, with a specific focus on strengthening our client and expert relationships.

Xperts Council in ESSEC Reflets

Xperts Council is really proud to be part of the ESSEC family, with its founder and CEO Guillaume Fradet!

Here is an article from ESSEC Reflets, the ESSEC Alumni newspaper, on our young company. Click on the picture to read the article.

Xperts Council opens its Portuguese branch

Our company continues to expand and we are now opening our first Portuguese branch. After, Paris London and Mumbai, Xperts Council will be present in Porto from November 2018!

As demand for targeted experts continues to grow, our team in Portugal, fluent in Portuguese and English, will be dedicated not only to finding the most relevant experts globally but also for the Lusophone world.

This Operational Center will be led by Eduardo Serzedelo

Eduardo Serzedelo is an MBA graduate from INSEAD with seven years of experience as Corporate lawyer in Lisbon, London and Sao Paulo. After his MBA, Eduardo became the legal department manager and sales team co-manager at Libertas, Portugal’s largest real estate developer.

Kiloutou sold by PAI Partners

PAI Partners and Sagard, the majority owners of Kiloutou, (French construction equipment rental company), recently announced the beginning of exclusive negotiations with HLD, the investment firm led by Jean-Bernard Lafonta and Dentressangle Initiatives,  the Dentressangle family fund. The offer from the two entities values  Kiloutou at €1,5 billion or 7.5 times its EBITDA. Francky Mulliez, the founder, will remain a 15% shareholder of the company and the Decaux family will also join the capital with a minority stake.

This acquisition illustrates the thrive of Kiloutou since its last buy out. The fourth European construction equipment rental group was then estimated at €535 million according to the offer made by PAI in 2011. Since then, its turnover has doubled and the company backed by PAI Partners established itself in Germany, Spain, Poland and Italy. Its growth has also aided  the expansion of the offer, such as modular constructions and large power generators.

The new ownership will invest €500 million to pursue this growth strategy throughout Europe.

Xperts Council provided consulting firms and funds involved numerous experts able to describe this particular market, and all the growth perspective for Kiloutou: the future markets where they could expand in and outside Europe, as well as the new offers they will be able to develop.

BUSINESS CASE: Mériguet Carrère, a global player renovating legendary masterpieces

At the end of July 2017, four investment funds namely Raise Investissement, IDI, Tikehau Capital and Bpi france became the new shareholders of the French company Mériguet-Carrère Atelier.

This story begins in 2013, when Qualium investissement – a subsidiary of the French Caisse des Dépôts – bought a minority stake in Mériguet Carrère thus becoming one of Mériguet’s shareholders alongside with its founder Antoine Courtois, till 2017. Only then, did Qualium decide to step out of Mériguet’s capital.

Xperts Council has been once again involved in this purchase, providing experts for the players interested.

Some would consider Mériguet in building decoration and renovation, as LVMH in the beauty industry.

Mériguet Carrère is actually a French group created in 1962 by Paul Mériguet and specialized in painting and high-end decorative craft. In 2016, their revenues reached 18.5 million euros. They mainly work on construction or renovation sites, in France but also in the whole world, for prestigious private clients and public players. For instance they worked in the Palace of Versailles, the Elysée Palace or the White House.

Recently, they made the most of their reputation in the luxury craftmanship and diversified their offer by proposing woodwork or masonry services.

Thanks to their exceptional expertise.  they even received the prestigious “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant » label.

Experts Council’s Contribution

Xperts Council worked on Mériguet-Carrière case a few months ago, analyzing the company and its industry. Several funds have called upon us to get information about it and receive reliable advice about their investment decision.

Most of our clients needed not only an analysis of the high-end decorative craft market but also about Mériguet’s main competitors as well as Mériguet’s growth opportunity.

We started to gather experts able to meet our clients’  expectations and to answer their specific questions concerning this business (for instance, concerning historical monuments renovation, interior design and architecture).

Once we had the conviction that we had the best list of experts, we presented it to our clients when it was most needed, giving them the opportunity to  go ahead with good insights.

OMERS Private Equity acquires Trescal

OMERS Private Equity, the private equity fund of one of Canada’s largest pension funds announced last month an agreement with Ardian, granting exclusivity to OMERS to acquire a majority stake in Trescal, the leading international specialist for calibration services.

Trescal’s management led by its CEO Olivier Delrieu strongly supports this transaction which values the company at €670 million. Indeed, it also includes an investment from the current management along side Omers PE.

Trescal is a French company which developed itself across more than 22 countries and now employs over 3000 employees. They provide metrology services such as calibration and the maintenance of test and measurement equipment for enterprises in all kind of sectors such as automotive, aerospace or pharmaceuticals.

Since 2013, Ardian backed Trescal’s international growth, throughout several acquisitions worldwide. Its revenue now approximates €270 million.

Xperts Council was once again able to provide all the experts needed to understand the calibration market issues such as the growth perspective in the United States and in Asia or the segmentation between internal services and external providers like Trescal or its competitors.

Thus, this business case illustrates our ability to provide, quickly and accurately ,the right experts to understand any niche market.