We have established strict compliance terms and controls to avoid any potential conflict of interest between our clients and experts.
Before reading our rules, please note that XPERTS COUNCIL is a trademark of EXPERTS COUNCIL SAS.


  • The expert may refuse or suspend his/her participation if a project potentially presents any conflict of interest, violates any applicable law, or their commitments with regards to their current or former employers or third parties. He/She also commits to refrain from revealing important informations and unpublished data for a listed company, from disclosing any trade secrets or other information protected by intellectual property rights, and from transmitting any sensitive information he has the obligation to keep confidential, under any contract, agreement or commitment. If he/she were to violate these rules, EXPERTS COUNCIL SAS retains the right to exclude the expert from the Circle of Experts.
  • If a client encourages an expert to give them any confidential information, EXPERTS COUNCIL SAS retains the right to cancel any further consultation with this client.
  • The Expert commits not to respond positively to any mission offered by a client exercising, directly or indirectly, an activity that is in competition with the activity of the company he is an employee or a provider of.
  • Clients and experts commit not to hijack the contacts made by EXPERTS COUNCIL SAS in order to sell or promote services or products marketed by their respective companies or on their own behalf. · Similarly, any project must necessarily be organized through Xperts Council. A client shall not request for a second interview from an expert without the intermediation of EXPERTS COUNCIL SAS.
  • Similarly, one or more interview(s) with an expert shall not be considered as a half-day or several-days project without the intermediation of EXPERTS COUNCIL SAS. The expert commits to immediately notify EXPERTS COUNCIL SAS of any direct solicitation they may receive from the client.



  • EXPERTS COUNCIL SAS commits to protect the information provided by the Expert and Client while working on our projects.
  • The Expert commits to keep confidential any information related to the Projects, as well as the identity of our Clients.
  • In general, the Expert commits to respect the confidentiality of any information to which he may have had access, in any way whatsoever, as part of a Project or Experts Network.
  • In case of any doubts regarding the nature of request from a client, the Expert shall suspend his/her project and immediately inform EXPERTS COUNCIL SAS, via mail to [email protected]