BUSINESS CASE: Mériguet Carrère, a global player renovating legendary masterpieces

07TH December 2017

At the end of July 2017, four investment funds namely Raise Investissement, IDI, Tikehau Capital and Bpi france became the new shareholders of the French company Mériguet-Carrère Atelier.

This story begins in 2013, when Qualium investissement – a subsidiary of the French Caisse des Dépôts – bought a minority stake in Mériguet Carrère thus becoming one of Mériguet’s shareholders alongside with its founder Antoine Courtois, till 2017. Only then, did Qualium decide to step out of Mériguet’s capital.

Xperts Council has been once again involved in this purchase, providing experts for the players interested.

Some would consider Mériguet in building decoration and renovation, as LVMH in the beauty industry.

Mériguet Carrère is actually a French group created in 1962 by Paul Mériguet and specialized in painting and high-end decorative craft. In 2016, their revenues reached 18.5 million euros. They mainly work on construction or renovation sites, in France but also in the whole world, for prestigious private clients and public players. For instance they worked in the Palace of Versailles, the Elysée Palace or the White House.Recently, they made the most of their reputation in the luxury craftmanship and diversified their offer by proposing woodwork or masonry services.

Thanks to their exceptional expertise.  they even received the prestigious “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant » label.

Experts Council’s Contribution

Xperts Council worked on Mériguet-Carrière case a few months ago, analyzing the company and its industry. Several funds have called upon us to get information about it and receive reliable advice about their investment decision.

Most of our clients needed not only an analysis of the high-end decorative craft market but also about Mériguet’s main competitors as well as Mériguet’s growth opportunity.

We started to gather experts able to meet our clients’  expectations and to answer their specific questions concerning this business (for instance, concerning historical monuments renovation, interior design and architecture).

Once we had the conviction that we had the best list of experts, we presented it to our clients when it was most needed, giving them the opportunity to  go ahead with good insights.