Board members

Benefit from contact networks and years of experiences across sectors.

High-level professionals for generating long-term value

Get senior profiles on your side to support you in how you manage your investments, make the most of their experience in the sector, or their operational or strategic experience, and benefit from a network of contacts.

High-level professionals

All regions and all sectors

Long-term engagement

Success stories

Success stories

Investment Firms

A board member to seal a deal

They realised that a competitor fund had brought a potential board member on to their team to bolster the credibility of their offer in terms of management. The final bid was due the following Tuesday, and it was Friday evening.

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Tech streaming platforms in the USA

Our client, one of the most important media groups in France, was interested in the technical architecture of the main streaming platforms in the USA.

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Biofuels and Biomass in Europe

One of our clients wanted to understand the possibilities on offer in terms of biofuels in Europe and to benefit from experience acquired on how the entire sector operates.

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