What is Xperts Council?

Xperts Council est la première plateforme française de « courtage de connaissances ». Elle met en relation une communauté d’experts de haut niveau avec des chefs d’entreprise (grands groupes, ETI, PME), des institutions financières ou des cabinets de conseil. Cette relation est régie par des règles strictes de conformité que les deux parties s’engagent à respecter.

How is a telephone consultation carried out?

If your profile seems to correspond to the needs of our client, we will offer you a mission. We will ensure that there is no conflict of interest. If you confirm your interest in the mission, we organize a telephone meeting with our client.

What do we discuss during a consultation?

Different topics can be discussed: market trends, best practices, barriers to entry, etc.


Is registration free for an expert?

Yes, registration to our circle of experts is free, and we do not take any commission on the remuneration of our experts.

How is the expert paid?

The financial compensation depends on the expertise of the expert, his seniority and the frequency of the consultations he has given through the Xperts Council.

I want to become an expert, but my employer’s policy prohibits me from receiving any compensation. Can I still do consultations?

Indeed, it is up to you to verify the nature of the relationship you have with your employer. If this relationship allows you to provide external expertise but prohibits any financial compensation, you can give consultations and we will suggest that you donate the amount of your compensation to the “Hellen Keller International” association.

I was contacted by your company even though I am not one of your experts, is this normal?

Yes, it can happen. Indeed, when we consider that we do not have the qualifications required to offer the best response to a client within our circle of experts, we can seek the right profile outside of it.

If an Xperts Council client contacts me directly for a mission of any kind, or for additional information, what should my reaction be as an expert?

As stated in the Terms and Conditions governing our relationship with our clients and experts, this type of contact should not occur.

Can the expert offer his services to a client with whom Xperts Council has put him in touch?

A direct approach, of a client by an expert, after an assignment carried out through Xperts Council is prohibited by our General Conditions, governing the relationship of Xperts Council with its clients and experts.

During a consultation, can the expert refuse to answer the client’s questions?

Yes, if he considers that there may be a potential conflict of interest or disclosure of confidential information.

Can I mention on my CV, or on online professional sites, that I carry out missions for Xperts Council?

Yes, but you must ask our permission.

Is it possible to be both a customer and an expert?

Yes, this case requires that you follow the two registration procedures and that you validate the General Conditions.

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