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Here at Xperts Council, we don’t use databases to find the experts that will make a difference.

Firstly, we focus on understanding the sector that you’re interested in, even the most niche ones, upon which we identify suitable profiles and accordingly validate them depending on your needs.

We quickly put you in touch with highly select expert profiles where you can get stuck into unbiased discussions on subjects of your interest. With us, you don’t get endless lists of experts; our approach is 100% customised where we deliver succinct lists of expert profiles to help you save time and money.

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Success stories

Success stories


Tech streaming platforms in the USA

Our client, one of the most important media groups in France, was interested in the technical architecture of the main streaming platforms in the USA.

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Investment Firms

A board member to seal a deal

They realised that a competitor fund had brought a potential board member on to their team to bolster the credibility of their offer in terms of management. The final bid was due the following Tuesday, and it was Friday evening.

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Doing the impossible to find a drilling expert

One of our clients urgently needed an interview with an operator with experience with drilling equipment used for offshore exploration. A challenge completed in 48 hours.

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