Insightful Expert Call 4 Tips

16TH February 2021


Getting the gist of your interviews with experts can really help you gather all the practical and in-depth information for your project. 

This is why Xperts Council put together a training program on how to conduct a truly insightful call. After two hours of role-plays and various exercices, you will be able to develop all the cross-curricular skills to make effective briefs and improve the quality of your exchanges with each expert. 

Those who attended this session loved it, why not try it? To better understand this training that we organize, here are Four Tips

Preparation before a meeting is essential and will allow you to make the most of your time. Don’t forget to take care of preliminaries and to set your objectives. Do not hesitate to share them with your expert at the beginning of your call.

Show an Open Attitude
“Communication by phone is 80% attitude, 20% words.”
During the interview, make sure you transmit your interest and engagement, don’t forget, you can hear a smile on a phone! These efforts will be perceived by the expert, creating motivation and mutual involvement in the discussion.

Choose between Open and Closed questions
Closed questions will allow you to get confirmations especially about the expert’s opinion whereas open questions will provide you with more information, potentially opening the discussion. Do not hesitate to juggle with both styles, as they will give you a broader variety of information.

You need to reformulate not to confront
If you meet any objections from your expert, keep an open attitude and take it as a good opportunity to bounce back! Reformulate what has been said and ask for clarifications, this will help simplify your understanding of the discussion, and thus get more information on the topic.


Alain Rochette

Head of Knowledge at Xperts Council