Transcription Service: Capture expert interviews better

03TH February 2022


Maintaining a highly engaging conversation whilst accurately capturing its contents with notes can often be overwhelming and distracting. This is why Xperts Council launched a high-end transcription service to ensure that each and every word including figures, mentioned during a meeting, is precisely captured.


Our verbatim-style transcripts will allow you to keep a written record of all contents discussed. This will enable you to fully focus on the discussion and be more aligned on the expert’s insights.

Key features of our transcription service:

Guaranteed turnaround time: We ensure your transcript is ready within 24 hours upon receiving it, regardless of its length.

Accuracy: Our team of transcribers and proofreaders achieve a minimum of 99% accuracy to ensure a high quality service.

Confidentiality: All data is encrypted and only visible to individuals working on your transcript. Furthermore, we are compliant with security requirements and data protection.

Please get in touch with us on [email protected], to learn more about how Xperts Council is making life simpler for its clients when facilitating time sensitive and critical expert interviews.


Francisco Allen Valente

Lead Project Manager at Xperts Council

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