A limited company for Due Diligence in the Cosmetics industry

Senior advisory


In the middle of the purchase process of a cosmetics firm, our client was looking for a senior advisor with C-Level experience in the mass consumption products sector throughout various European countries.

They needed a senior advisor who would be available 3 days per week for a period of 3 months and also able to run the consulting firm held by the fund for the commercial DD process.

Senior advisory

The experience and support of C-Level executives

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The senior advisers we put forth was a former CEO and member of the Board of Directors at one of the top companies in the world for mass consumption products and the former CEO of a prestigious bio-cosmetics firm.


  • Our expert conducted the pre-DD and then the strategic DD and attended all the investment committees.

  • He also selected and managed the team of consultants at the strategic consultancy firm, working with the EP.

  • By securing the services of a consultant during the pre-DD stage, the private equity fund was able effectively navigate all of the commercial DD process. The expert also developed a Value Creation Roadmap that was approved by the investment committee.

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