Comparison for warehouse management systems for an industrial director

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An industrial client, a switch and home server manufacturer, wanted to understand usage preferences among WMS managers (Warehouse Management Systems).

Our client wants to gather valuable insights into the usage preferences of WMS managers, including their preferred features, their pain points, and the factors that influence their decision-making process when choosing a WMS.

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Our knowledge team first supported our consultant to ensure a good understanding of the sector and the client's needs by conducted in-depth WMS market research. They then guided him towards the right profiles to search and qualify.  Based on these insights, our consultant was able to provide the client with a compact list of experts. This information allowed the client to make informed decisions and adapt their product development strategy to better serve the needs of WMS managers.


  • Our client was able to hold 3 interviews with veteran WMS managers and those from associated services at multinational groups.

  • The latter were able to answer our client's questions very swiftly.

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