Identification of target companies in the call center software industry

Senior advisory


One of our clients wanted to identify and assess potential target companies in the call-centre software market in Europe.

After reviewing with our client his exact needs, and then carrying out an analysis of the sector, we were able to propose a panel of experts who could accompany him on the various aspects of his subject.

Senior advisory

The experience and support of "C-level" leaders

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The senior advisor put forth was the founder of a call-centre software company in Europe, and ran it for 15 years, before selling it to a cloud software provider in the USA.


  • Mapping the European market to be able to select 3 key targets based on the product offering and technological innovations.

  • The team behind the project was able to develop qualitative investment hypotheses for informed approval by the investment committee.

  • One of the 3 targets was the subject of an offer by our client.

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