Milgram's "Six degrees of separation" and Xperts Council

05TH February 2020

In the late 1960s, Stanley Milgram – an American psychologist made famous by his experiments on the obedience to authority – demonstrated that on average any two individuals in the world are separated by five connections. It is commonly known as the “6 degrees of separation” or “small world” theory.

His conclusive experiment took place in the US where a sample of around 160 people were required to send a package to a specific recipient in Boston, using only personal connections to try and achieve this.

What few realise, however, is that only around 30% of the packages actually reached their destination and the broader results also indicated that in some instances only 2 degrees of connection were needed, and others more than 12!

So what does this mean?

This shows that not everyone has access to the same number or relevant connections in order to get to the right individual. It also shows that it can be necessary to seek support or shortcuts in order to generate these relevant connections.

How does this apply to Xperts Council?

Right from the beginning, as an ad-hox expert network specialised in expert consultancy, we decided to gather an outstanding team of consultants who excel in finding the right people quickly. Through human research rather than mechanical database selection, we find professionals who will support our clients accurately and in an efficient timeframe.

Our consultants’ mission is to understand each project and its context, presenting this to our Knowledge Team to refine our understanding and subsequent search angles. Together we can then generate the right leads and find the perfect expertise. Our approach means that 80% of the experts we present are not currently working with other Expert Networks.

We are proud to have built a team with a mix of senior and young professionals based on their curiosity, creativity, and tenacity, and who have empathy and great interpersonal skills (By the way, we are recruiting, you can see our open positions here:

As a result, Xperts Council is able to partner with our clients to truly understand their needs, providing them with potentially game-changing expertise and exceptional service.