18TH December 2019

Mr J.P. Syed, Principal at Development Partners International, London (DPI) shares his experience with us. DPI is an active Private Equity investor in established and growing companies in Africa.

Xperts Council received a niche case on the home furniture sector in Northern Africa. A challenge due to the need to find experts not only able to discuss the global industry in a local context but also available long term. Within 48 hours Xperts Council presented relevant experts which led to three successful introductions and one 25 year global industry veteran joining DPI on several assignments to progress the deal.

“We have extensive experience in Africa, though occasionally we need to understand how a specific business really functions to assess whether it is an opportunity where we can all add value. Xperts Council excels in the quality of its research and rapid turnaround”
“Xperts Council really did an outstanding job finding them for us, you completely outshone your competitors.”