Due Diligence Anatec bought by Amundi

05TH March 2020

The Anatec Case

Founded in 2012, the Anatec start-up offers two specialized management solutions: a platform for monitoring financial products entirely in digital format and robo-advisory technologies allowing management advice to sub-private individuals. The solution is highly recognized by digital insurance players.

In November 2018, an International Consulting firm called us as they had to conduct a market study on Wealth Management Software in Europe. They were looking for Experts on several levels: Technical Experts who could explain the diversity of the offering in the sector, Wealth Managers in Retail Banks, and finally IFAs with a general knowledge of the market.

Within only 3 days, Xperts Council completed the client’s request, proposing different Experts and organising in excess of 12 calls. Among the Professionals interviewed were the COO of a leading Marketplace Intelligence Platform, former MDs and Directors of Private Banks who were able to enlighten our Client on this market.

In January 2019, Crédit Agricole’s asset management subsidiary, Amundi, announced the purchase of the 51% of Anatec’s shares that it did not already own to become the sole shareholder and thus strengthening its position in the digital sector.