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An investor who needed experts in cloud computing, specifically in the field of integration platforms.

The client had already held a dozen interviews based on their own searches, but they needed other opinions from other experts in the field.

Expert Consultancy

Experts in all sectors, even the most niche ones.

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We were able to present 10 experts. The client selected six of them to hold two calls with each. The experts all came from software integration company, such as a head of architecture in the pre-packaged software department for the UK in a large consultancy and digital services firm. There were also a veteran central sales director for the EMEA region and sales directors for business sales in the DACH region.


  • Our client had the chance to speak to 6 experts multiple times.

  • They helped the fund to complete its vision of the market.

  • They helped the fund to identify critical elements that made them halt the purchase process, which saved them time and money.

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