Telecommunications: From Senior Advisor to Board Member

Board members


A British client was looking for a board member for an Eastern European telecom company that it previously needed to support in a commercial due diligence..

We had to find a specialist in the sector with knowledge of both the technical and business aspects. The qualification phase was therefore very important and saved our client the most time.

Board members

Our ability to find and assess senior profiles in all countries and sectors.

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Out of three profiles, our client selected a veteran CEO from a telecommunications firm with international experience in Central European countries, Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.


  • The senior vision provided a 360 vision, allowing the company to assess the target firms from a strategic and technical (network infrastructures, fibre-optic network reach, etc.), commercial and marketing perspective.

  • Having him there streamlines the conversations with management, helping them to obtain detailed information.

  • Once they sealed the deal, they immediately kept the senior advisor on as a Board Member.

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