Mapaero bought by AkzoNobel

06TH November 2019

Mapaero, is a manufacturer of aircraft coatings specialising in water-based and other environmentally friendly advanced coatings. Founded in 1992 by J.F. Brachotte, the firm owns a production facility in France and operates internationally though sales subsidiaries or commercial contracts with an EBITDA margin representing over 40% of turnover.

In October last year Xperts Council was asked by a Private Equity client to source relevant experts, initially to help understand market trend evolutions and axes of diversification. In a second phase, we sourced experts with technical knowledge of constraints and specifications for aircraft paints, technical differences for different paints and the reach/impact of the various products.

Xperts Council introduced several relevant experts from the industry, including a former CEO and Vice President of a key industry player, who were able to give some valuable insights to the client and help guide their research.

In March, the Dutch multinational AkzoNobel announced that it had acquired Mapaero.

The transaction is expected to close in the second half of this year.