How Experts can help your firm to test diversification projects ?

Given the current environmental issues facing our world today, a global mining and metals company and major player in the Asia Pacific market, has decided to reshape its operational strategy by finding clean alternatives to maximize the value of their clean energy.

This company approached us directly, having heard about our reputation. After the identification of more than 40 potential solutions by their engineers, they wanted the opinion of external Experts in assessing the feasibility of these alternatives.

In only 4 days and after gathering more than 35 profiles, the company booked 10 calls with our Experts. Among them were former General Electric Renewable Energy Engineers and a Member of the Executive Board of a major European Energy Provider and pioneer in sustainable development.

Thanks to our Experts, the company was able to gather all the key information needed to assess and maximize its sustainable alternatives, making it a pioneer in the implementation of such a change in the industry.