We connect private equities, consulting firms, investment funds, and large companies with operational experts for sector-specific consultations or missions.


Oil Drilling Equipment

October 4, we receive an urgent call from one of our regular customers. He needs to interview a user of very specific drilling equipment, installed on offshore oil platforms, for feedback. This is a real challenge: this type of equipment is rarely used, and we only have 48 hours to find this “rare bird”.

This leads to a race against the clock around the world, starting from Angola, Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico. Finally, we manage to find the right Caspian Sea Expert. He gives his consent to be consulted, … then ends up retracting because he has never been interviewed before, and he needs guarantees.

With six hours remaining and our confidence that this individual is the best on this subject, we quickly put him in touch with a well-known former Marine Officer of one of our Shareholders to convince his superiors of the integrity of Xperts Council, and the ethical framework of this consultation. Mission accomplished ! We have permission to conduct the interview

the Smart Card Market

Our client is commissioning us for a Smart Card search on a Monday evening. He wants to be connected as quickly as possible with operational experts in the sector (Supply Chain, Production, Purchasing) and a strategist in NFC (Near Field Communication). We immediately contact one of our sponsors – former CEO of a leading company in the smart card market.

48 hours later, our Client has 3 scheduled interviews with senior operational experts including the opportunity to have a long and rich exchange with an award-winning Expert in 2015 (European Inventor, Industry category) for a series of core patents in the global deployment of NFC technologies.