We connect private equities, consulting firms, investment funds, and large companies with operational experts for sector-specific consultations or missions.


Calls - Oil Drilling Equipment

October 4, we receive an urgent call from one of our regular customers. He needs to interview a user of very specific drilling equipment, installed on offshore oil platforms, for feedback. This is a real challenge: this type of equipment is rarely used, and we only have 48 hours to find this “rare bird”.

This leads to a race against the clock around the world, starting from Angola, Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico. Finally, we manage to find the right Caspian Sea Expert. He gives his consent to be consulted, … then ends up retracting because he has never been interviewed before, and he needs guarantees.

With six hours remaining and our confidence that this individual is the best on this subject, we quickly put him in touch with a well-known former Marine Officer of one of our Shareholders to convince his superiors of the integrity of Xperts Council, and the ethical framework of this consultation. Mission accomplished ! We have permission to conduct the interview

Calls - the Smart Card Market

Our client is commissioning us for a Smart Card search on a Monday evening. He wants to be connected as quickly as possible with operational experts in the sector (Supply Chain, Production, Purchasing) and a strategist in NFC (Near Field Communication). We immediately contact one of our sponsors – former CEO of a leading company in the smart card market.

48 hours later, our Client has 3 scheduled interviews with senior operational experts including the opportunity to have a long and rich exchange with an award-winning Expert in 2015 (European Inventor, Industry category) for a series of core patents in the global deployment of NFC technologies.


One of our clients started a market study for an investor. The objective was to have a global vision of the European healthcare & life sciences market and to be connected with operational experts from current market leaders.

Throughout this mission the client was able to speak with 8 experts – from a former National Director of Strategy at NHS England to the CEO of a Belgian OLV hospital with operations on three sites – each allowing our client to discover new angles in their mission understand the market in depth.

Calls - Distribution of aviation c-class parts

A Global Consulting Firm asked for experts in the Distribution of Aviation C-Class Parts to understand the market drivers & value chain.

Within 48 hours, we provided over 10 relevant experts. Two custom-sourced experts were immediately scheduled including a General Manager and Sales Director at GE Aviation who had previously worked as a Marketing Director at Airbus & a former Head of International Sourcing at Safran.

The focus quickly shifted to the Chinese market, where we were able to connect them with a Director & Strategic Procurement Manager responsible for N.A and Asian Airline Operations at Air Canada.


An investor asked for experts in cloud computing, particularly in Integration Platform as a Service where our client had already done dozens of interviews over a number of weeks but still needed a deeper view.

Despite the challenge we delivered 10 custom sourced relevant subject matter experts of which six were scheduled.

These came both from a from a software integrators perspective such as a Head of Architecture for the UK’s Packaged Software Division in a major Consulting/Digital Services firm as well as from various competitors in the market including a former EMEA Central Sales Directors, DACH Sales directors & Enterprise Account Managers.

Calls - Aircraft painting & sealing

A Global Consulting Firm asked for experts in Painting & Sealing for OEMs and MROs in the aerospace sector. The objective was to gain a comprehensive understanding of the market drivers and the value chain.

Within a day, we provided our client with 14 experts of which three were immediately scheduled including a Production Manager from a global MRO service provider, an expert with 30+’ years experience in the Aerospace painting market & a former Director from Airbus responsible for aircraft painting for their whole aircraft range.

SENIOR Advisery

Senior Adviser - Cosmetic industry



  • Acquisition/ Buyout of a successful cosmetics company
  • Adviser needed with C-level experience in FMCG sector across various European countries.
  • He also must have been available for a 3 months period, 2 days a week.

Senior Adviser proposed

  • The Senior Adviser was former CEO and Board member of a worldwide leading FMCG company and former CEO of a well-known Biocosmetics.
  • He conducted the pre-DD, then the strategic DD, and attended all the investment committees. He also selected and managed the consultancy team of the strategy consulting firm working with the PE.

Value for the client

  • Securing SA during pre-DD phase, helped the PE efficiently navigate entire commercial DD
  • The SA developed the “Value creation roadmap” approved by the investment committee.

Senior Adviser - Software industry



  • Identify and assess potential targets in the call centers software market.
  • Expertise needed in transforming organization offering from “on-premise” software to “SaaS”.

Senior Adviser proposed

  • The Senior Adviser delivered was the founder of a customer care software business in Europe for 15 years before selling to a cloud-based communication software provider in the US.

Value for the client

  • Efficient mapping of the European market to select 3 key targets based on product offering and tech innovation.
  • Enabled origination team to develop qualitative investment hypothesis for an informed approval from the investment committee.
  • One of the 3 targets has been followed by a due diligence.

Senior Adviser - Packaging industry



  • Diligence on target asset specialized in corrugated paper in North Africa
  • Assess operational and technical feasibility of building a corrugated paper plant.

Senior Adviser proposed

  • The French speaking Senior Adviser was a former CAPEX and Operations Executive in a leading packaging player with 20 years experience in France and Spain.
  • He also was ExCom member of DS Smith and International paper groups/
  • He conducted the operational audit & technical feasibility survey related to the building of a corrugated paper

Value for the client

  • The operational strategy developed by the SA enabled a major business transformation, especially of the production processes and packaging waste management.
  • Annual agreement secured with SA to conduct quarterly review onsite with asset in Algeria.

Senior Adviser - Food industry



  • Market penetration of an Asset recently acquired by a PE in the canned food sector in Sub-Saharian Africa
  • The client needed an operating partner, former c-level with expertise in Food industry, Africa market, English speaking

Senior Adviser proposed

  • The Senior Adviser was former Danone SVP Sales with 25 years experience in Africa
  • He made a mapping of best practices in sales, corporate organization and cost structure, in several countries.
  • This global mapping let implementing an efficient retailing system.

Value for the client

  • In each country targeted, a full review and priorisation of growth opportunities identified.
  • For each country, a direct access to the key local contacts in retail ; what allowed transform the opportunity into market shares.

Senior Adviser - Industrial Automation


  • Help a consulting firm assess the operational and technical feasibility of transforming a woodworking machine manufacturer into an industrial solutions provider (incl. robotics, software service)
  • Conduct workshops together with the case team and its end client to challenge & strengthen the re-engineering plans

Senior Adviser proposed

    • The Senior Advisor was a former CEO with 20 years of industrial engineering experience in Germany, including extensive background in industrial automation and digitalisation / industry 4.0
    • He also served as Board Member of one the world’s leading mechanical engineering firms

Value for the client

  • Five half-day workshops conducted alongside the Partner, helped specify and evaluate the feasibility, the critical steps, and typical costs for re-engineering, including waste management (water filtering)
  • Annual agreement with Senior Advisor and the consulting firm to conduct quarterly reviews on site with their end client

Senior Adviser - Snacks industry in Europe


  • Help a consulting firm win a PE pitch for a new DD by including a Senior Advisor profile as key differentiator in the proposal vs other competing pitches
  • The Advisor needed to have C-level experience in FMCG sector across various European countries, including private labels
  • The Advisor needed to commit to a period of 3 months for this engagement (one day/week)

Senior Advisor proposed by XC

  • The Senior Advisor was a former CEO of a worldwide leading FMCG company, then CEO of a well-known biocosmetics player
  • He prepared the pitch with the PE, and was even included to the consutancy’s team who presented the offer to their client.
  • On the pitch won, he continued to attend to workshops with the consultancy and its end client, up to the final Investment Committe

Value for the client

  • Won its pitch on a competitive DD opportunity
  • Contributed to generate significant end-client satisfaction & brought in high credibility